Introducing Fresh-Step.

Remove the hassle and maintenance of keeping your employees and customers safe and fresh. Sanitization stations and public safety needs are here to stay. Our solutions allow you, without upfront investment, to easily and beautifully address your locations needs for today and tomorrow. Sani-Step’s Fresh-Step solution is a monthly package including your branded sanitization station and monthly refill service. We setup, maintain and resupply your station. Our stations are fully brandable and do not require ongoing batteries or power source.


To choose Sani-Step's Fresh-Step Hand Sanitizer System

Reason #1

No touch, no mess, no batteries and no sensors. Foot operated, 100 % locally owned and Canadian made.

Reason #2

Our hand sanitizer is Canadian made, certified medical grade anti-septic gel, with a guaranteed supply. Our bottle reuse/refill program helps protect our environment and lowers customer costs.

Reason #3

Our dispensing unit offers immediate access to Safety Data sheet by QR code incase of injury, to reduce your businesses Liability.

Reason #4

Affordable monthly rental program with no commitment conditions or locked-in contracts.

Reason #5

Busy location? We offer customer service calls for early re-supply of hand sanitizer where required.

Reason #6

Our sanitizer dispenser tower is designed to create compliance. As a stand alone device it can be placed anywhere and requires no power. It can be located directly in traffic paths and include a sign board.

Book our easy Monthly service and step up your sanitization compliance

Sani-Step addresses the issues and frustrations with hand sanitizer products on the market. The need to constantly order, monitor, clean, and adjust dispenser units is eliminated by using our sanitization service. Our innovative monthly plans provide you with the hardware and ongoing bottle refill service you need, without any significant upfront costs.

Why foot control? 

Hand pumps have low internal storage volume, supply excessive dispensing volume, and generate unnecessary waste. Ultrasonic units are unreliable, have low internal storage, and require a constant supply of batteries. Sani-Step pedestals are sleek in design, brandable, and made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use a unit can be set up in a matter of minutes or deployed for special events.

Monthly service & bottle reuse

Every month a service provider from Sani-Step cleans, inspects, and replenishes the stock of hand sanitizer. As a result of COVID-19 there has been a surge of related waste entering the landfills. Our bottle exchange program is much like a water service and the empty bottles are refilled at our facility resulting in zero waste. The premium Isopropyl hand sanitizer is medical grade and was not subjected to recalls as many lesser alcohol products were. This is shipped to Sani-Step in 1000L totes that are also 100% recyclable.

For our service technicians we chose the smallest cargo van that would suit our needs, while fuel efficiency drove the final decision. With a zero-idle policy and innovative routing software that uses historical and real time data, our technicians’ carbon footprint is minimized. When designing our products, we wanted to ensure there was a simple and easily identifiable choice for those unable to use a foot control.

Barrier-free & for any needs

We have units that are available for use in locations that require barrier-free handicap accessibility. For larger festivals and events, we offer a short-term rental that includes delivery and set-up. We fit the units with a larger supply of solution and leave an ample amount on a pay-only-if-used basis. For malls, arenas, schools, elevator banks, transit stands, etc. we can increase the volume of solution ensuring its availability. Custom programs are available for large multi-tenant facilities such as malls or office towers. Working with the building managers we can supply a uniform look throughout the facility that is co-branded with tenants.

Get Fresh. Get your Fresh-Step units and service plan today! 

Service plans available for any business
100% Canadian

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