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Sani-Step was founded by two successful Calgary entrepreneurs. As business owners, it was clear from the beginning of the pandemic that increased cleaning and sanitization practices led to an alarming increase in the amount of waste being generated. Ideas were tossed around about how to meet sanitization needs while keeping single-use plastics out of landfills. The idea to reuse bottles is a logical one. Sani-Step’s Zero Waste Bottle Exchange Service falls directly in line with the City of Calgary’s Business Waste Diversion Initiative that aims to divert 75 percent of waste created by businesses by 2025. Increased cleaning and sanitization practices in public spaces will endure. Sani-Step is proud to support businesses in their efforts to remain clean, safe and compliant while continuing to minimize their footprint on our planet.

Made in Canada

Sani-Step products are proudly manufactured in Canada

Chris Moses

General Manager
Chris manages the day-to-day operations of Sani-Step. His sunny disposition and strong work ethic make him a perfect fit for this dynamic position. He hails from Calgary and holds a Journeyman Red Seal in Welding from SAIT. After spending 25 years managing the manufacturing of oil and gas equipment, he jumped on the opportunity to create this new and exciting business. Chris was heavily involved in the creation of Sani-Step and holds the official title of First Ever Employee of Sani-Step. Chris loves music and always has the tunes cranked in the shop. He spends lots of time skiing with his family in the winter, and enjoys camping and motorsports with this family in the summer.

Nichole Nelson

Business Development
Nichole's role at Sani-Step includes sales and business development. She is excited to support Sani-Step in their quest to offer a valuable service to Calgary business. Nichole is a native Calgarian and spent the first fifteen years of her career working in oil & gas, mainly in the development and manufacturing of automated pipe handling tools for drilling and service rigs. In 2018, she started on an entirely new adventure and got certified as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. For three years Nichole enjoyed working on the pool deck and in the water, playing What Time Is It Mrs Shark? with preschoolers and sharing her passion for water safety and drowning prevention. She continues to swim with the YMCA Masters swim team and spends as much time as she can on the lake in the summer, waterskiing and wakeboarding with her family.

Greg Jacobson

Greg was born and raised in Calgary and holds a diploma in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources from SAIT. Greg is passionate about automation and is the leading force of technology at Sani-Step. He implements systems such as innovative routing technology using historical and real time data to ensure a minimal carbon foot print for Sani-Step technicians travelling around the city. Greg has a strong background in construction and project management and is committed to helping Calgary businesses divert sanitizer-related waste from our landfills. He's a jack-of-all-trades who loves modifying and upgrading cars and investigating the new gadgets and technology our world has to offer.

Nathalie Driscoll

Office Administrator
Nathalie manages all things administration at Sani-Step. From payroll to billing, Nathalie keeps the digital information and paperwork flowing, ensuring everything stays clear and organized. She grew up on the south shore of Chaleur Bay in picturesque northern New Brunswick. She came to Alberta in 2014 and enjoys hiking, camping and exploring Alberta's national parks with her family. When she's not in the office or on a trail in the mountains, she is usually at the rink, watching her kids play hockey and ringette and volunteering with community sports organizations.

Robin Furlong

Robin was born in Newfoundland but grew up in Northern New Brunswick. He is a multifaceted tradesperson who holds certifications and designations in many areas including Red Seals in Structural Steel Plate Fitting, Machining, and CNC Automation and Programming; he holds a NACE Level 1 Paint Inspection Certification and has a diploma in Organizational Behavior from SAIT. After moving to Calgary in 1997, Robin began his career as a general helper at a steel fabrication company where he quickly worked his way up to shop supervisor. He struck out on his own in 2006 and started his own steel fabrication business, Furlong Steel Industries, which is currently celebrating it's 15th year of success in Calgary. Robin is a natural leader with a keen sense of business. His role at Sani-Step involves supporting the team and providing insight, ideas and perspective. When he's not leading businesses, he likes to rebuild old motorbikes, and spend time boating and travelling with his family.

Our Team

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