how it started

Sani-Step was founded by two successful Calgary entrepreneurs. As business owners, it was clear from the beginning of the pandemic that increased cleaning and sanitization practices led to an alarming increase in the amount of waste being generated. Ideas were tossed around about how to meet sanitization needs while keeping single-use plastics out of landfills. The idea to reuse bottles is a logical one. Sani-Step’s Zero Waste Bottle Exchange Service falls directly in line with the City of Calgary’s Business Waste Diversion Initiative that aims to divert 75 percent of waste created by businesses by 2025. Increased cleaning and sanitization practices in public spaces will endure. Sani-Step is proud to support businesses in their efforts to remain clean, safe and compliant while continuing to minimize their footprint on our planet.

Made in Canada

Sani-Step products are proudly manufactured in Canada

Our Team

Nichole Nelson

Sales Manager

Greg Jacobson


Robin Furlong




Chris Moses

General Manager
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